We believe in the Brazilian microentrepreneur

At Crédito Social, we are on a mission to transform entrepreneurship in Brazil.

There are nearly 20 million microentrepreneurs in Brazil. They represent 99% of all businesses, provide 55% of all employment, and produce 28% of all GDP. They deserve to thrive. And it is time they had access to the tools, support, and capital to do so.

Our Team



Economist; specialist in financial education, economic development and financial inclusion; master’s and bachelor’s degrees in economics, Latin American Studies, and Portuguese and Brazilian studies, Columbia University and Brown University.



Brazilian-trained lawyer; specialist in financial regulation and investment; LLM, Freiburg University.


Head of Product

UI/UX designer, specialist in digital products for financial services.

Our Advisors

Fernando Sotelino

Former president of Unibanco (1998-2004); Adjunct Professor of international banking and business strategy for financial institutions at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA)

Cássia D'Aquino Filocre

Specialist in financial education; Corresponding Member, International Association for Citizenship, Social and Economics Education; Associate – Brazil, Microfinance Opportunities

Fernando Cotta Portella Filho

Engineer, social entrepreneur, and poet; CEO & Co-Founder of the Instituto Cidade Viva

Our Institutional Supporters

Instituto Cidade Viva

Columbia University Startup Lab

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

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