Microentrepreneurs, are you ready to make more profit?


Control your cash flow and stock easily and intuitively.

Our user-friendly interface allows you to keep track of your finances in minutes.

Organize your business today

Sales register

Record and manage all sales transactions, tracking products, prices and payment methods for a clearer view of your business's performance.

Stock control

Control inventory efficiently, adding products, monitoring levels and recording entries and exits to avoid shortages or excesses.


Record and categorize business expenses, such as supplies and rent, for better financial control and cost planning.

Sales history

Access a complete record of all past transactions, including dates, products, amounts and customers, for performance analysis and decision-making based on historical data.

*Currently piloting for Android

Success Stories

See how we support business owners

“Crédito Social has given me a new understanding of my business. The team is always there for me. They're the best!”


Owner - Papelaria Maria da Graça

Success Stories

See how we support them

“Crédito Social is of fundamental importance to the Brazilian small business owner ... I agree completely with their training and financial education for business.”

Sônia Baiana

Owner - Acarajé do Circuito da Herança Africana

Success Stories

See how we support them

Empreendedora empoderada: Entenda os termos de uso das ferramentas, tecnologias, e serviços da Crédito Social. Descubra como juntos, podemos fortalecer seu negócio!

“O Crédito Social put spreadsheets together for me to get ahold of my finances. They have been supporting me for many years, giving me the skills to move my business forward.”

Nildelene Santos

Owner - Nil Doces

Success Stories

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“When I expanded Bar da Jura, Crédito Social secured me capital to offer a dignified space for my customers, my community. They have been there with me for many years.”

Jura Gomes

Owner - Bar da Jura

Success Stories

See how we support them

“Crédito Social changed the way our collective's business owners related to their money. It gave them the skills to manage their finances..”

Aldari Marquês

Diretora - Associação Filantrópica A Arte Salva Vidas

Who We Are

Crédito Social is a financial education company for small businesses.

Our team includes specialists in the areas most important for small business.






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